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Gummy Hairspray Ultra Strong

Gummy Hairspray Ultra Strong

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Apply to clean hair. For best results, make sure your hair’s clean of product build-up or grease and impurities. So, give those tresses a proper cleanse with a shampoo that’s gentle on tresses. Make sure your hair’s dry. If you apply hairspray to damp hair, you might not get the results you’re after. Hairspray’s best used when your style’s ready to be locked down. When hair’s damp or wet, the overall effect is still going to change, so applying to dry hair means you know what you’ll get! When your dry hair, avoid ruffling with the towel and pat dry before using a hairdryer. The gentler you are with the towel the better!  Keep your distance. Hold the nozzle 15cm away from your hair to get an even layer and just enough hold. If you hold the nozzle too lose to strands and spray, the product won’t apply evenly and will build in one place too much. Don’t hover on an area to long otherwise you’ll get an uneven application that can lead you straight back to step 1. Try to cover the overall head evenly.


Hairspray that provides an extra firm hold by fast drying effect.

HAIRSPRAY FOR ALL HAIR TYPES: Control curly hair, straight hair, and all the hair textures in-between with strong hold and a soft, touchable feel. Simply spray this fast-drying hairspray over styled hair to keep it in place without the crunchy feel.

FRIZZ CONTROL: This specially formulated extra-firm control hairspray helps tame unwanted frizz without weighing hair down. Hair looks smooth and silky with fewer flyaways. Try spraying your hairbrush before going over your style to smooth static.

HUMIDITY RESISTANT: Don’t let rainy days and humidity dictate how you wear your hair. Wear it down, wear it up, and hold it in place with this humidity resistant hairspray. Reapply as needed to refresh and revive your style or tame stray hairs.

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